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We are servant leaders passionately helping individuals and their families manage the change associated with Life Changing Events through the following TRANSFORMATION Advisory, LLC service entities:


Through DFWREAdvisors GroupMartin Real Estate Advisors GroupDFW Real Estate Advisors Group, and Castle Hills Real Estate Advisors Group, we serve real estate buyers, sellers & investors, giving 5-Star Customer Service and always placing our clients' needs before our own.  We help our clients maximize their real estate return-on-investment on their real estate transactions.


Through Living in Dallas-Fort Worth, we help buyers, sellers, investors experience Dallas-Fort Worth counties, cities, and neighborhoods so they can learn more about what it would be like to live, work, and play there.  We provide a gateway through which individuals and their families can virtually experience, GETWired, into, a Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhood and the local service providers, retail establishments & entertainment venues before they live, work, and play there.


Through all our interactions with our clients we strive to help them and their families manage the dramatic change associated with Life Changing Events.  We advise our clients to do the required due diligence, including Medical Emergencies and End-of-Life planning required so they can make more informed decisions and get better outcomes.


We would be honored to assist you and earn your trust and the opportunity to count you as friends and clients for life!  Contact us today to get started!

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