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Choosing A Credit Repair Company

Thinking about buying or selling a home or refinancing an existing mortgage and think you may need a credit repair company to help you understand and possibly raise your credit scores? 

How do you go about choosing the right credit repair company?  One who can offer the best services and great customer service for what will probably be the largest financial transactions of your life?

You will find no shortage of credit repair companies and other financial entities eager to advise you and take on your credit repair challenge.  What do you need to know and consider before choosing the credit repair company that is right for you?

To find the right credit repair company for you, shop around.  Always talk to at least two credit repair companies so you can compare and contrast their offers.


Meet and talk with them, in-person or via Zoom, so you can get comfortable with them as a person and as your credit repair representative.  Ask each of them about rates, process, timeline and communications, and all their costs and fees.  Compare the details on every offer.

Credit Repair companies we know and trust!


What Makes ReScore Different?

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