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Facing Foreclosure

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Facing foreclosure is such a private matter.  Most people don’t want anyone to know what they are going through. This sometimes makes an already difficult situation even more difficult.


It can feel like you are the only person you know who’s gone through it...or like you have done something bad or wrong.  It can feel like every time you open the mail, answer the phone, or hear a knock at the door, someone’s there either making huge promises about how they can solve your problems or they have come looking for payment.


It is hard to know where to turn, who or what to trust, or where to even begin.  We know what that feels like.  We have known people who have gone through this and that is why we have created this booklet, "Facing Foreclosure".


We can’t promise to help you avoid foreclosure since we don’t know your entire situation.  But we can help you approach it with dignity, self-respect, and as much hope and help as possible.  This booklet isn’t an entire how-to on avoiding or dealing with foreclosure, but hopefully it will give you some insights into how to deal with it as best as possible (or, better yet, avoid it altogether).


So, with that said, you may have other questions or concerns that aren’t covered within this booklet.  Please feel comfortable to reach out to us if and when you want some real estate thoughts or advice.  Or even if you just want someone to listen to you for a few minutes, we will do what we can to help or at least point you in the right direction.


Hopefully this booklet will help you avoid them altogether or at least help you to identify and deal with them more readily when they arise.


To request the booklet, "Facing Foreclosure", please CLICK this link.


If you would like to discuss the process further, contact us.


We have supported clients through this process and would be honored to assist you.

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