Texas Residence Homestead Exemptions

Filing for Texas residence homestead exemptions is a great chance for homeowners to combat high Texas property taxes as well as an opportunity to reduce financial stress.  This opportunity is available to owners who live in the subject property, not leasing their home to tenants.


Filing these exemptions are free of charge and simple for you to complete on your own.  If you are receiving mailings and/or telephone inquiries offering to file for you, these are for-profit entities, and you do not need their assistance to file and receive the exemptions.


In Texas, residence homestead exemptions allow you to reduce the amount of property taxes you pay on your primary residence. While the amounts vary, here are the basic kinds of savings you can expect:


General homestead exemption (for school taxes): In Texas, the general homestead exemption available to most qualifying homeowners is worth $25,000.  That means that a home valued at $175,000 will only be taxed on $150,000 of that value.


Over 65 or disabled exemptions: Those who qualify for one of these additional exemptions receive another $10,000 exemption on their taxable value.  In this case, the house above is now taxed on just $140,000 of its value.  You cannot qualify for both an over-65 and a disabled exemption.


County tax exemption: Some counties collect special taxes for flood control.  If yours is one of those, you can receive an additional $3,000 exemption.  Now your $175,000 home is only taxed like a $137,000 home!.


Depending on the value of your home, those savings add up quickly.  On that $175,000 home from our example above, we are talking about $450-$650 a year.


Exemptions must be:

  1. filed between January 1st and April 30th on the year of which you are applying for

  2. you must own and reside at the subject property as your primary residence on January 1st of the application year

  3. provide a copy of your Texas Driver’s License with your new address


Outlined below are the county websites where you can go file your Texas residence homestead exemptions.  We have separated them by county as finding the necessary form(s) differ by county.  Always check with your taxing authority for details regarding exemptions details.


If you have general questions about Texas residence homestead exemptions:

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Bottom Line


If someone you know purchased a home recently, pass this along to them.  We are available to answer any questions you, or they, may have regarding filing or any real estate related questions.



How to File for Your Texas Residence Homestead Exemptions



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