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Handling A Deceased Loved One's Real Estate

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First and foremost, our condolences on the loss of your loved one.  It is never easy to lose someone.


There are so many things you are probably finding yourself having to deal with, beyond just the sadness of your loss.  It is hard to ever be entirely ready or prepared for everything that has to be thought about and addressed.


One of the more obvious things people expect to have to handle is the “estate” of someone who has passed.  However, it is often more involved and complex than many people expect.  “Estate” is a broad term that involves many different things.  And one of the largest elements of one’s estate is typically the real estate they owned.


We have created a booklet to touch upon a few of the more common, but unexpected, issues people find themselves dealing with when handling the real estate portion of a loved one's estate.  There are many other considerations, and every situation is unique.  We extend an invitation for you to receive this booklet and to contact us to have a more detailed discussion.


This is not a comprehensive “how-to” but rather a look at some issues most people
(and even most real estate agents) do not expect or address — until they are in the middle of dealing with them.


Hopefully this booklet will help you avoid them altogether or at least help you to identify and deal with them more readily when they arise.


To request the booklet, "How to Handle the Real Estate of a Deceased Loved One", please CLICK this link.


If you would like to discuss the process further, contact us.


We have supported clients through this process and would be honored to assist you.


Again, our thoughts and condolences go out to you, and please feel free to reach out to us with any real estate related questions you may have now and throughout the process.

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