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Thinking about selling your home and want expert assistance from a qualified Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® to help you  price, market, and sell your home?  Look no further than DFWREAdvisors.

Fill out the CONTACT US form on this page today or just call us at 469-262-5411 to let us know that you want to speak with one of our real estate professionals about our no cost, no-obligation Seller Consultation, and we will ensure that a team member reaches out to you to schedule a chat as soon as possible.

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Thinking of selling your home?  Where do you start?  A free no obligation Seller Consultation with a Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® can help make the process understandable and set you on the path to selling your home quickly, and at the best price and terms, with minimal stress.

In a Seller Consultation, you can discuss important first steps such as the sales timeline, net proceeds from the sale, showing the home, repairs or updates, sweat equity, and finding your next home.

We at DFWREAdvisors are the experts.  Read on for more information about what you can learn from a Seller Consultation.

“Buying and selling a home is a big deal, literally and figuratively.  The journey isn't always intuitive -- and can be time consuming.  But, oh, that feeling when you get the keys to your new home or sell your place for satisfying terms.  The key to getting there?  Creating relationships with experts who can guide you through the multistep -- and emotional -- journey.” National Association of Realtors


Selling a home is likely one of the biggest and most complex financial transactions a person will make in their life.  A trusted real estate professional is a strong advocate who understands the information and emotional support that sellers need throughout the process of selling a home.  As an expert with local market knowledge, real estate professionals should be well prepared to guide sellers through all the practical details and potential obstacles that may occur during the home selling process.

Comparative Market Analysis and Home Pricing

An experienced Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  will be familiar with neighborhood home prices and can prepare an analysis of home sales activity in your neighborhood.  This is called the CMA or Comparative Market Analysis

Relying on Zillow Zestimate or other online valuations can lead to erroneous estimates.  These automated tools rely on an algorithm and public record data.  A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  can price each house using their understanding of the market and comparable sales.  This comes from years of experience pricing homes and knowing the area and neighborhoods.  Your broker relies on MLS data which is more up-to-date and accurate because agents are required to update the listing status within 48 hours.  Our Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  will know the neighborhood inside and out along with features such as school ratings, gated communities, and access to local business and shopping. 


A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  will be able to estimate the timeline for the sale of your home from initial consultation to closing and possession.  Almost all homes, no matter the age, require some preparations to appeal to buyers.  Although, we can list a home on the MLS in less than 24 hours, it is best to take the time to prepare the home so it has a better likliehood of selling fast at a higher price and with better terms. 

Net Sheet

A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  can provide you with an estimated net sheet for the sale of your home.  This seller’s net sheet is used by title companies and real estate brokers to give you an estimate of your net proceeds after expenses and closing costs are taken at the time of sale.

Extensive Network

Having said all that we have thus far, you will want to ask a DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  if they know of reliable fair-priced contractors who can help with repairs.  Should your home need renovations to make it more appealing to the market, a savvy real estate professional will know the best and most trustworthy contractors in the area.

DFWREAdvisors maintains a network of talented contractors that our clients have used to make their properties highly presentable and appealing to buyers.  We can do the same for you. A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  can help you a negotiate a reasonable price for the services, too.  Ask for a list of contractors we trust.  It pays to have a real estate professional who is connected.

Home Appeal

A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  can be an invaluable resource for creative ways to declutter and improve the appearance of your home.  You want the home to sell quickly, but the longer a home sits on the market, the harder it is to sell.  In fact, the first 30 days on the market are the most critical.  After that period of time, buyers will begin to wonder why the home has not sold and think there is something wrong that has not been communicated.  That may not be the case, but there is usually a good reason for why a home has not sold, especially in the current real estate market.

 After the initial cleaning and staging of the home, sellers should consider a pre-listing inspection where a home inspector checks the roof along with the plumbing, foundation, drainage, electrical system and windows.  These are the obvious areas in which a home inspection focuses.  A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  knows the issues that can tuen away potential buyers and cause cancellation of contracts during the inspection period.

Other things that turn off buyers are clutter, unfixed appliances, poor flooring, and major deferred maintenance.  No one wants to purchase a home for top-dollar and then have to foot the bill for repair and renovation costs afterward.  Imagine buying what you thought was the home of your dreams and a couple of months later learning that you need to replace the fifteen-year-old HVAC system and hot water heaters and roof.  Real estate professionals and their buyers are much smarter these days and look closely for issues that will cost them money after the sale.

A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  is proactive and will make suggestions to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers.  This will help the sale go quickly at the price and terms you want. We have many years of experience helping our clients stage their homes, make needed repairs, and renovate if needed, prior to their sale.


A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  has the gift of empathy and placing themselves in the shoes of their clients.  They know what buyers are looking for because they have helped buyers purchase homes in the area of interest.  Knowing how to prepare a home for sale, including staging a home in a way to appeal to the buyer’s emotions and wallets, is a talent that not all real estate professionals possess.  A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® always place their clients' interests before their own!


The Seller Consultation is the first step in the Home Selling Process and begins the critical communication that enables you to sell your home in a timely manner for the best price and terms and with minimal stress.  Communication is key throughout the Home Selling Process and this interaction allows you to experience the professional and thorough process that a DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  utilizes to help you achieve your real estate goals.  We will explain the options for communications throughout the Home Selling Process and establish the ground rules so that you will be an informed home seller. 


The Seller Consultation is a great opportunity for you to interview the DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® and get to know them.  Because it is only natural to have concerns when we make likely the largest financial decisions in our lives, a DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  will be informative and understanding of your desires and your requirements.   Bring a list of questions and concerns that you have about the sales process when you schedule your Seller Consultation.  we will have a list to provde you as well.  It is your time to understand the Home Selling Process and to get to know everything you want to know about the DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®.


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