Buyer Consultation

Buyer Consultation

Thinking about buying a home and want expert assistance from a qualified Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® to help you find and purchase your dream home?  Look no further than DFWREAdvisors.

Fill out the CONTACT US form on this page or just call us at 469-262-5411 to let us know that you want to speak with one of our real estate professionals about our free, no-obligation Buyer Consultation, and we will ensure that a team member reaches out to you to as soon as possible.

Ask for our valuable, free "Things to Consider When Buying A Home" eGuide as a first step in the Home Buying Process
We would be honored to assist you!

Thinking of buying a home?  Where do you start?  A free no obligation Buyer Consultation with a Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® can help make the process understandable and set you on the path to buying a home in your desired area, and at the best price and terms, with minimal stress.

In a Buyer Consultation, you can discuss important first steps such as your must have's and desired features, the purchase timeline, communications, and everything about the Home Buying Process.

We at DFWREAdvisors are the experts.  Read on for more information about what you can learn from a DFWREAdvisors Buyer Consultation.

“Buying and selling a home is a big deal, literally and figuratively.  The journey isn't always intuitive -- and can be time consuming.  But, oh, that feeling when you get the keys to your new home or sell your place for satisfying terms.  The key to getting there?  Creating relationships with experts who can guide you through the multistep -- and emotional -- journey.” National Association of Realtors

Buyer Consultation Purpose

Purchasing real estate is likely to be the biggest and most complex financial transaction you will make in your life.  A trusted real estate professional is a strong advocate who understands the information and emotional support that you as a buyer need throughout the process of finding and acquiring a home.  As an expert with local market knowledge, real estate professionals should be well prepared to guide you through all the practical details and potential obstacles that may occur during the purchase process.


What can you expect at your Buyer Consultation?  This meeting is the opportunity to ask us all sorts of questions that you may have, so that you understand what you can expect throughout the Home Buying Process and what is going on in the local real estate marketplace.  You may wish to bring a list of questions with you, to make sure you get them all answered.

In turn, we will ask a lot of questions.  The information collected during this phase of your time together is vital, as it is how we will collect all the crucial information to help us do what we do best - find your dream home!

Market Conditions

We as real estate professionals use due diligence in the representation of our clients.  We take seriously making you aware of what you can expect as a buyer in today’s real estate market.  Our talking points include available inventory, buyer negotiating power, interest rates, and local list price to sales price ratios for the areas being considered.  We believe in setting proper expectations upfront, so you have an increased likelihood of getting the home you want in your timeframe at the best possible price and terms, with minimal stress, without having to undergo a learning curve after missing out on several homes.

Home Buying Process

We will discuss in detail the process of finding you the best home, for the best price and terms in your desired area, in a timely manner, with the least amount of stress.  We will develop a custom search and a plan to help you with your purchase.  We will explain your role and our role in the Home Buying Process, and the roles of the other professionals you will work with along the way.

The determination of the location, price range and features that you are looking for in a home often serves as the central focus of a Buyer Consultation.  However, it is equally important to establish parameters for the process to avoid an endless search that renders ineffective and confusing results.  Further, time management is often the most pressing issue that we will mutually face in the Home Buying Process.  Since we often work nights and weekends to accommodate client work schedules, we will establish reasonable, mutually acceptable boundaries for showings.  We will keep you in a “buying mindset” throughout the home search and Home Buying Process so as to achieve your real estate goals in a timely manner.

Dream Home

The goal is to know what YOUR real estate goals are and establish expectations for achieving them.  How long do you plan to stay in the home, which areas you would like to search in, what style of home do you like?  We will make a list of your “Wants,” and your absolute “Must Haves.”  This is important to narrow down your search so that the focus is only on homes that will work for you.


Since many home buyers are eager to start viewing homes before determining their borrowing power, we discuss the impact that being pre-qualified for a home loan has on purchase negotiations.  Through this process you will know what down payment amount and monthly payment you can afford and be able to make more informed decisions about which homes you consider and pursue.  Consequently, as a pre-qualified buyer you can be confident and can make offers in an expedient fashion.

After you are pre-approved we can help define the range of properties you can include in your search.  There is nothing worse than visiting properties, falling in live with them, and then having to exclude them because you can’t them, or don’t want to spend that much on a home.

The Agency Relationship

Understanding the agent – buyer relationship in Texas will prove beneficial to you and your real estate agent.  We will prepare you for specific situations that might jeopardize the relationship in the future.  For example, how to handle encounters with For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes, open houses, and new construction builders.  We will make you aware of how the agency relationship is impacted in these situations, and what consequences it may have on representation and total cost of ownership.


Right from the start we will discuss and agree on how you like to be communicated with—text/e-mail/phone and how often.  Are there any times that are off limits, and how often would you expect to be informed and about what details?

10 Buyer Mistakes To Avoid

The Home Buying Process can be stressful and does not need to be.  There are things you will want to avoid on your home buying journey.  Here are ten mistakes to avoid that we will discuss in detail in the Buyer Consultation.

  1. Overvaluation – paying more than a home is actually worth
  2. Home shopping without a mortgage or pre-approval letter
  3. Overlooking starter-homes for more expensive properties
  4. Not considering a first-time buyer program
  5. Investing all your savings in a down payment
  6. Overlooking flaws and deferred maintenance in a property
  7. Underestimating closing costs
  8. Miscalculating the cost of repairs/renovations
  9. Underestimating ongoing homeownership costs
  10. Incomplete or inadequate terms in the contract


A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  will be able to estimate the timeline for the purchase of your home from initial consultation to closing and possession.  However, there are many factors which can have an impact on this timeline and we wil cover them in the Buyer Consultation to minimize surprises during the Home Buying Process.

Net Sheet

A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  can provide you with an estimated buyer net sheet for the purchase of your home.   A buyer estimate or buyer net sheet gives an estimated amount that the buyer must pay while buying a home.  The document lists a number of costs including property fees, taxes, mortgage fees, and title fees that the buyer must pay in order to transfer the deed to their name.


A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  has the gift of empathy and placing themselves in the shoes of their clients.  They know what buyers are looking for because they have helped buyers purchase homes in their areas of interest.  Knowing how to evaluate a home for sale against a buyer's must haves and want to haves is a talent that not all real estate professionals possess.  A DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® has that skill and will work closely with you through the Home Buying Process to ensure that you find the home of your dreams.


The Buyer Consultation is the first step in the Home Buying Process and begins the critical communication that enables you to purchase your home in a timely manner for the best price and terms and with minimal stress.  Communication is key throughout the Home Buying Process and this interaction allows you to experience the professional and thorough process that a DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  utilizes to help you achieve your real estate goals.  We will explain the options for communications throughout the Home Buying Process and establish the ground rules so that you will be an informed home buyer. 


The Buyer Consultation is a great opportunity for you to interview the DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® and get to know them.  Because it is only natural to have concerns when we make likely the largest financial decisions in our lives, a DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®  will be informative and understanding of your desires and your requirements.   Bring a list of questions and concerns that you have about the Home Buying Process when you schedule your Buyer Consultation.  we will have a list to provde you as well.  It is your time to understand the Home Buying Process and to get to know everything you want to know about the DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR®.

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