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Passion & Differentiation

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Real Estate Transactions Are A Complex Puzzle!​

Real Estate Transactions are often complex, emotion filled experiences and can be the largest financial decisions and commitments we make in our lifetimes!  There are many different pieces to the homebuying and home selling puzzles and when all is said and done missing one or more pieces can affect the outcome and can cost us thousands of dollars and lots of unnecessary stress!


DFWREAdvisors Can Help You Solve the Real Estate Puzzle!


We are passionate and we are different, and we would be honored to assist you!


Here is how and why!


Reasons To Choose Us To Represent You!


We have lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over 30 years!  We keep up with its cities, communities, and neighborhoods, and we track its builders and businesses.  We regularly research, analyze and report on their impacts on the local real estate market!  It is our passion to serve you, our buyers, sellers, and investors, helping you maximize your return-on-investment while minimizing your stress!


We are Veterans and Active Duty Military advocating real estate professionals and we offer specials incentives to our past and current military families.  We offer special incentives to our clients who bring sell/buy transactions to us and for their repeat business.


We would be honored to assist you!


Our 1%


One of the hardest things for anyone to do is identify their 1%!  That uniqueness that makes them totally unique from any other person who has and will ever exist.  For us, our differentiation is clear . . .  It is our belief that everything we do and everything we are is centered around our Faith which calls us to lead by serving, or in other words, to be Servant Leaders.  To serve with all our hearts, might and soul, every day.  We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated!


Our Core Values

Our core values are shaped around strong relationships forged out of trust through positive actions which are reinforced by all the parties in the relationship.  Our intent is not just to conduct a business transaction, but rather to forge a strong lifetime relationship with our community, contributing our God-given knowledge & talents in the service of others.

We believe we are all searching for more than accolades and wealth.  We believe most of us are seeking a sense of community and belonging to something greater than ourselves.  We are grateful for those who are already part of our community and excited about all those whom we have yet to meet, and that may become a part of our community.  We look forward to meeting you and learning how we may serve you!

Whether you are an experienced buyer or seller, or a first-time buyer or seller, we would like to introduce ourselves, and begin the process of substantiating why we are the right Real Estate Advisors | REALTORS® to represent and serve you in what may well be the single largest financial transactions you ever make in your lifetime.


Our Passion


We are truly passionate about helping & serving our clients.  The purchase or sale of a home is a huge part of your personal wealth and we take that very seriously.  We believe in treating your transaction as if it were our own and we are never cavalier with our money and we will certainly not be with yours!

It is important to us to help our buyer clients find and purchase their dream homes in the area, and neighborhood, of their choice, for the best price, at the right time, with minimal stress!​

It is equally important to us to help our seller clients market and sell their existing homes as quickly as possible, with minimal stress, for top dollar!


Our Commitment


We actively listen to you, our client, and will guide you through the entire Homebuying Process and/or Home Selling Process, making sure to keep you up-to-date through effective communications.  After all, your wants and needs are what is important to you and to us in every real estate transaction regardless of the dollar amount!


We Are Full-Time, Active, Licensed Texas REALTORS®

While all licensed real estate agents must meet minimum Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) legal requirements, not all real estate agents are Real Estate Advisors.  Also, not all real estate agents carry the REALTOR® designation, and that is a very important distinction.  Only agents who belong to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) may use the REALTOR® title.  The title REALTOR® requires a licensed agent to hold themselves to a higher standard of ethics & morality and to put their client’s interests before their own.  And yes, as REALTORS®, we pay substantial yearly fees to be able to set ourselves apart as professionals.


We Are Active Members of The National, Texas & Local Associations of REALTORS®

Through our associations we have consistent access to valuable information, guidance, continuing education, and networking that gives us an advantage, which becomes our buyers’ and sellers’ advantage.


Our Certifications & Designations

Our team is certified in Short Sales & Foreclosures (SFR®), and carries the prestigious Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) and Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designations.  The education and expectations associated with these certifications and designations is important to buyers and sellers alike.​



We Are Experienced & Knowledgeable REALTORS®

We are experienced REALTORS® at DFWREAdvisors.  Our experience and knowledge do make a difference in a competitive real estate market.


We Are Real Estate Advisors


We are more than just real estate agents, we are Real Estate Advisors.  We earned the Real Estate Digital Marketer Certification (REDM) providing us with a strong foundation in digital marketing and the ongoing skills necessary to meet our clients' need across the real estate spectrum.  We strive to advise, consult, educate, serve, and support our clients first, and know that everything else is secondary.​



We Stand On Our Integrity & Credibility

We encourage our prospective buyer and seller clients to research and verify our REALTOR® status and credentials by visiting the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR’s) website, and the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) website.

​Check out NAR’s website to verify our status as REALTORS® and our designations & certifications.  You only need to enter Barbara Martin or Ray Martin to retrieve our information.   (For more information on designations & certifications click on the Education tab.)

​Check out TREC’s website to view our status as active, licensed real estate agents.  The main goal of TREC is to ensure that the economic welfare of customers is protected by making sure licensees carry out all fiduciary responsibilities to clients while also forcing real estate companies to meet certain professional standards and qualifications.

Check out TREC’s website to verify there has been no disciplinary action taken against us by the State.



​Our Unique Advantages

We believe our overall professional and personal backgrounds along with our real estate backgrounda offer buyers and sellers unique advantages.  We are knowledgeable about the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the local and national real estate markets, and we understand the challenges and opportunities associated with buying and selling existing homes, and new construction.

Any real estate agent can assist you and will suffice, until you face an issue(s) that ends up costing you thousands, and sometimes even tens of thousands, of dollars (which by the way, you may or may not ever know).  After all, it is what you don't know about what you don't know when something unexpected happens that are the largest risks in any real estate transaction.

To avoid that possibility, you want someone to represent you that knows real estate inside and out and can get you through whatever difficulties may arise, and that is us, and why we say, “Having the Right Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® Does Matter!”

Our skills, experience, real estate and mortgage knowledge, 30+ years of North Texas residency, diverse network, along with our commitment to 5-Star Customer Service, give buyers and sellers the winning edge they are looking for in today’s challenging economic climate.


Daily Insights, Inside Track & Homeowner Tips

The Real Estate Advisors | REALTORS® from DFWREAdvisors are proud to be your source for all things real estate & mortgage!  We strive to be the local experts upon which you can rely.  Towards that end, we provide valuable information for buyers and sellers through three sources on our website:  Daily Insights | Inside Track | Homeowner Tips - important information about real estate and mortgage for homeowners, home sellers & home buyers.


Reality Vs. Perception!


Don't know where to start?  We recommend as a starting point, a review of our website and our LIVINGINDALLASFORTWORTH YouTube Channel.  Both offer information, insights, and education on living, working, and playing in Dallas-Fort Worth.


Bottom Line

Bottom Line

We all see things in the news, on the Internet, and we hear things.  We hear about a neighbor that sold their house.  We wonder, should we?  Should we be buying, should we be selling?  Is it the right time for us to buy?  Is it the right time for us to sell and move on?

Well, it depends on the local real estate market, your specific area, and your specific situation, so let’s connect.  We keep up with the latest information and insights on the local and national housing markets.  We work with investors, buyers, and sellers every day.  Helping you make timely, informed decisions and maximizing your return-on-investment is our differentiation.


Contact us today!  We would be honored to assist you!


We hope that you will continue this discussion with us and reach out to us at 469-262-5411 to learn more about us and why you should consider having us represent you.  We can and will help you maximize your return-on-investment from the sale and/or purchase of your home and would be honored to assist you!

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