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Three Home Features Expected To Be In Demand After COVID-19!

Three Home Features Expected To Be In Demand After COVID-19!

When COVID-related stay at home orders and restrictions hit the US in March, many Buyers put their home search on hold. But as those orders and restrictions are being lifted, a good portion of those Buyers are reentering the market.

Which brings up the question: what, exactly, are those Buyers going to be looking for as we move through—and, eventually, out of—this pandemic?

A recent survey from HomeLight, which polled real estate agents seven times between April and June, asked agents what they believed would be the most desirable or important features, characteristics, or amenities for Buyers in the post-COVID-19 era—and, given what the country just went through in quarantine, the answers make sense.

Some of the most popular responses include:

  • Designated home office (17 percent). COVID has pushed more companies towards a remote work model—which means more people than ever are working from home. Having a designated home office space is poised to be one of the most in-demand home features for Buyers who are now working remotely.

  • Suburban or less dense location (16 percent). After a pandemic, expect many Buyers to look to get out of the cities and into areas where it’s easier to get space—like the suburbs.

  • Private and spacious outdoor area (15 percent). COVID had many people stuck at home for months—and for many people without a yard, patio, or outdoor space, the lack of outdoor access made the experience more challenging. Expect even more demand moving forward for spacious (and private!) outdoor spaces, like fenced-in backyards.

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