Buying, Selling or Investing?

Why Is It Important To Understand The Local Real Estate Market?

Anyone can search the Internet for properties for sale, real estate statistics like median and average home price, sales volume, and the number of homes for sale.  However, real estate is local.  Every neighborhood, city, and county has its own unique characteristics, with its own unique buyers, sellers, and trends.

Because of this diversity and complexity, real estate markets and trends vary greatly depending on location.  In Dallas-Fort Worth, for example, the median and average listing prices, number of homes for sale, and days on market will vary significantly depending upon the area.


When you plan to invest in, buy, or sell real estate, it is important to understand the local market and its unique characteristics and trends.  While the overall economy, mortgage rates, and other factors will play a role, your purchase or sale will be influenced by the factors at work in your selected, specific real estate market, and chosen area and neighborhood.

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