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What Is The Most Searched For Home Decor Item In Your State?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

What Is The Most Searched For Home Decor Item In Your State?

The right accessories can transform a room from dull to decorative, cold to cozy, and even take it from meh to magnificent. Some pieces, like candles and vases, have universal appeal. But depending on which part of the country you call home, other items are more practical than others. For example, if you are in the Florida Keys, the coat racks and sheepskin throws that are so popular in Michigan will look pretty out of place.

A recent study by Workshopedia used Google Trends to find the most searched home decor item in every state. By using a list of 45 popular decor items available for sale at five major home goods retailers, Workshopedia explored Google Shopping trends over the past year for every state and the District of Columbia. Interesting findings include the following:

  • Rugs topped the list as the most searched item in seven states.

  • While low-maintenance succulents have been perennially popular, houseplants are not flourishing like they once did. In fact, greenery did not make the list at all.

  • Bar carts, which seem like a delightful throwback to the “Mad Men” era, were the most-searched accessories in two states. If you are looking to mingle with mixologists, you may want to consider moving to Massachusetts or Missouri.

Curious to see which home decor items are most coveted in your home state? Here is an alphabetical State-by-State breakdown of the most searched decor item:

  • Alabama: Rugs

  • Alaska: Candles

  • Arizona: Decorative Bowls

  • Arkansa: Poufs

  • California: Vase Fillers

  • Colorado: String Lights

  • Connecticut: Baskets

  • Delaware: Sconces

  • D.C.: Wall Art

  • Florida: Vase Fillers

  • Georgia: Stools

  • Hawaii: Platters

  • Idaho: Baskets

  • Illinois: Decorative Bowls

  • Indiana: Lanterns

  • Iowa: Curtains

  • Kansas: Vases

  • Kentucky: End Tables

  • Louisiana: Rugs

  • Maine: Wall Hooks

  • Maryland: Decorative Boxes

  • Massachusetts: Bar Carts

  • Michigan: Coat Racks

  • Minnesota: Coat Racks

  • Mississippi: Rugs

  • Missouri: Bar Carts

  • Montana: Rugs

  • Nebraska: Candles

  • Nevada: Candles

  • New Hampshire: Trays

  • New Jersey: Umbrella Stands

  • New Mexico: Coffee Tables

  • New York: Rugs

  • North Carolina: Vase Fillers

  • North Dakota: Clocks

  • Ohio: Candleholders

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