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Tips For Making The Most Of Your Virtual House Hunt!

Social Distancing

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Virtual House Hunt!

Social distancing is one of the most responsible things you can do right now—both to protect your health and the health of the people in your community. And with social distancing in full swing, searching for a home in the traditional sense—including going to tour homes in person—is getting put on the back burner.

But just because you are not actively seeing homes in person doesn’t mean your home search has to suffer! A recent article from outlined tips for conducting a virtual house hunt that is just as good as the real thing, including:

  1. Look for red flags in listing photos. You don’t want to waste your time virtually touring homes that are not going to be the right fit. When going through a listing, look for red flags that might indicate that a listing isn’t what it seems—and isn’t worth your time (for example, photos that are stretched in an effort to make the room look bigger, photos of an early Spring yard in full bloom with super lush green grass, or a complete lack of photos of the home’s interior).

  2. Ask your real estate agent to go into detail during virtual tours. Thanks to technology like Zoom or FaceTime, your agent can take you on a virtual tour of potential properties. But video doesn’t catch all the small details you would catch if you were physically in the space (like the finishes on cabinets, or crown molding on the ceiling)—so make sure to ask your agent to talk you through those details.

  3. Check out the neighborhood. There are a ton of interactive map tools on the internet that will give you insights into a potential home’s neighborhood—so make sure you use them.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a home right now, you will want to get creative with your home search. But with a little creativity, technology, and patience, there is no reason your virtual home search can’t be just as effective as a traditional search! And, we have the right technology, insights, and knowledge of the local market to assist you in that effort!

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