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The Most Popular Interior and Exterior Home Styles by Generation!

Different people want different things in their homes—and that includes people of different ages. The perfect home style for a first-time Gen Z home Buyer might not speak to a Baby Boomer looking to buy a home to retire in (and vice versa).

So what, exactly, are the most popular home style choices for each generation?

A recent survey from Buildhome asked potential Buyers across four generations—Gen Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers—what type of home style they prefer between five different interior and exterior styles.

For exterior options, respondents were able to choose from Modern Farmhouse, Cottage, Craftsman, Victorian, and Contemporary or Industrial Modern.

For interior options, the options were Rustic Modern, Traditional, Modern, Zen, and Japandi (a style that combines elements of Scandinavian and Japanese design).

Gen Z, Millennials, and Generation X were all in agreement on their preferred interior and exterior styles: Rustic Modern and Modern Farmhouse. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, preferred a Cottage style for the exterior of their homes and Japandi for the interior.

The Takeaway:

So, what does this mean for you? If you are thinking about selling your home, it is important to understand what Buyers from all generations are looking for in a home. That way, you can frame your home in a way that appeals to the biggest demographic of Buyers in your area. That should help you sell your home, faster!

The Most Popular Interior and Exterior Home Styles by Generation!


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