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Selling Your Home? These Are The Upgrades Buyers Are Looking For During COVID-19

Selling Your Home? These Are The Upgrades Buyers Are Looking For During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the real estate landscape in many ways—including shifting buyer priorities. But what, exactly, are Buyers looking for in today’s market?

A recent article from outlined the home upgrades Buyers are looking for during the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • Outdoor upgrades. Many people are spending the majority of time at home these days—and that can lead to a serious case of cabin fever. To escape that cabin fever (without having to leave their homes), Buyers are looking for homes with functional, relaxing, and well-designed outdoor spaces. Sprucing up your outdoor space (for example, by refreshing the landscaping or adding a patio) before listing your home can help make the property more attractive to Buyers.

  • A functional home office. More people than ever are working from home—which has made home offices a must-have for many Buyers. If you don’t currently have a home office, staging a guest bedroom as an office can help potential Buyers see the home’s potential for a functional workspace.

  • A spruced-up laundry room. COVID has increased many people’s cleaning habits—which, for many, has translated to more time in the laundry room. Making minor updates to spruce up your laundry room (like adding wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint, or extra storage) can help to up your home’s value in the eyes of cleanliness-concerned Buyers.

The Takeaway:

What does this mean for you? If you are planning on selling your home, these upgrades can make your home more appealing to Buyers—which may help you sell your home faster and more profitably.

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