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Selling Your Home in Today’s Market? Don’t Believe These Myths!

Between low inventory and high Buyer demand, there is no denying that we are in a Seller’s Market. But just because it is a Seller’s Market does not mean that every house is guaranteed to sell—although you would not know that based on what people are saying.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions going around about selling in today’s market—and if you are planning to sell, it is important to ignore them. So what, exactly, are the biggest misconceptions about selling in 2021?

A recent article from outlined things people are saying about selling in today’s market that just are not true, including:

  • It does not matter if your home is in bad shape. There is a misconception that Buyers are willing to take anything in today’s market—including homes that are all but falling apart. And while fixer-uppers are certainly selling, if you are hoping to get top dollar for your home, presenting your home in the best possible condition is a must! So make sure to take care of any necessary cosmetic changes or repairs (like painting your home’s exterior or replacing broken light bulbs) before you list.

  • You can price your home as high as you want. Home prices are going up, but that does not mean you can list your home at an unreasonable price and expect it to sell. Pricing too high can cause your home to sit on the market, ultimately making it harder to sell—so when you list, make sure you price your property realistically.

  • You don’t need to market your home. Just because there are a lot of Buyers—and not a lot of properties—does not mean you don’t have to market your home! Working with your agent on a solid marketing strategy will ensure your home gets in front of the right Buyers—and can help it sell faster and for a better price.

The Takeaway:

Bottom line? If you are planning on selling your home, don’t believe everything you hear—especially these real estate myths that could put a damper on your home sale.

Selling Your Home in Today’s Market? Don’t Believe These Myths!


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