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Remodeling An Older Home? Leave These Elements Alone!


Remodeling An Older Home? Leave These Elements Alone!

If you own an older home, at some point, you might want to remodel or update your property. But if you are thinking about putting your home on the market—and want to make sure your remodel adds value and makes your property more appealing to buyers—there are certain elements that are best left alone.

A recent article from outlined the key architectural elements you should never touch during your home renovation, including:

  1. Molding. There are few things that add more character to a property than crown molding—so if you are lucky enough to own a property that has maintained the original molding, you are definitely going to want to keep it.

  2. Exposed brick. Exposed brick walls are a unique feature that add texture and life to a room—and can be a major sell for potential buyers.

  3. Built-ins. If your home has built-ins—including shelving or window seats—you will definitely want to leave them home during a remodel. Not only do they add charm to the property, but they also provide an added layer of functionality (whether that is as additional storage or additional seating).

Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with renovating older properties. But if you do decide to move forward with renovations, make sure you leave any architectural elements that will help sell your home intact. They are likely to be the very elements that the Buyer for your older home will be hoping to find, and what attracts them to an older home.

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