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Outgrown your Current Home?

Big Family

Outgrown Your Current Home?

Here Are Five Easy Ways to Tell If Now Is the Time to Upgrade!

Your home is your castle, your own little piece of the American dream. However, lately, your little corner of the world has been feeling cramped, and you find yourself eyeing those larger homes on your daily drive, even the new construction all around you here in Dallas-Fort Worth. Is it time to pull up stakes and move on from your current home?

Growing Family

If you have added to your family in recent years, you may have more bodies than bedrooms. A three-bedroom home may have been a great idea when it was just you and your spouse, but with two or three kids in the home, the grandparents, and your home office, you are probably starting to have turf wars over the play area, living areas, and bathrooms.

Overflowing with Stuff

From an overflowing toy chest to closets packed so tightly with shoes and coats you risk an avalanche every time you open the door. Your home just does not have the space for you and all your things. You may have even had to move some things off-site, spending money to rent storage space to keep that antique dresser your grandmother left you or the family treasures from relatives that you carefully collected and displayed for years.

No Rest for the Weary

You would love to spend an afternoon soaking in the tub, but before the warmth of the water can take you away, there is a banging on the door of the only bathroom in the house and a chorus of “hurry up!” invading your quiet time. What about that “Man Cave” you have been dreaming about for years? Those visions of a big screen television were shattered by the realization you needed somewhere for the kids and grandparents to sleep.

No Room for Extras

When you first moved in, the two-car garage doubled as your woodworking shop. Now, all the equipment is in storage to make room for the family’s second car. You would love to have a “She Shed” and even take up organic gardening, but your tiny yard barely has room for a grill and a lawn chair. You would love to host your family and/or friends visiting from out of state, but there is hardly room for their luggage, much less them.

Changes in Career

You may have even opted for a starter home when you first entered the market because you had a smaller income. Now, thanks to changes in careers or promotions you can afford a home with greater square footage and room for your growing family that will provide the space you need for many years of happy memories.

Bottom Line

Home prices in Dallas-Fort Worth are on the rise, however, it is a great time to search for and purchase your new dream home. Complete the GET IN TOUCH form on this page or call or text the Real Estate Advisors | REALTORS® at Martin Real Estate Advisors Group | United Real Estate at 469-262-5411 today to take advantage of the opportunity to give your family the most space at the best price now.

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