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Moving From The City To The Suburbs? Avoid These Mistakes!

Moving From The City To The Suburbs? Avoid These Mistakes!

COVID-19 has caused many urban dwellers to forgo their big city lifestyle for the suburbs, where there’s more space.

But not every city-to-suburbs move is a successful one—and if you are thinking about trading in city living for a home in the suburbs, there are a few pitfalls you will want to watch out for during your move.

A recent article from outlined the most common mistakes people make moving from the city to the suburbs, including:

  • Only considering the house—and not the neighborhood. You might find the perfect home—but if it is not in the perfect neighborhood for you, it might not be the best fit. Before you buy a home, spend time exploring the community and make sure it is the right fit for you. For example, are the amenities you need nearby? Do the people seem friendly and welcoming? If you have children, are there other kids in the neighborhood? In the long-term, these neighborhood factors will be just as (if not more) important to your overall satisfaction than the house itself.

  • Factoring in commute time—but not commute quality. If you have to commute into the city for work, the commute time is important—but so is the quality of that commute. For example, spending 45 minutes commuting to work in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway is probably going to feel a lot more stressful than an hour on an express train. Make sure that not only will your commute time be manageable, but the quality of that commute will be manageable as well.

  • Assuming there will be plenty of child care options. If you need child care, don’t just assume that your new suburb will have what you are looking for without checking. Before you commit to a home or neighborhood, make sure to vet the childcare options and make sure the kind of care you need is available and easily accessible given your daily schedule and travels.

The Takeaway:

So, what does this mean for you? If you are considering leaving the city behind and buying a home in the suburbs, it could be a fantastic move—just make sure to do your research and avoid these common city-to-suburb moving mistakes.

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