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Life Changing Events Plan


Life Changing Events Plan

12-Step Due Diligence

STEP ONE: Acknowledge the importance of Life Changing Events Plan (LCEs) Due Diligence, review and understand the planning process, and take an introspective look at where you are in all that today.

STEP TWO: Discover what you don’t know and need to know about LCEs, especially Medical Crisis and End-of-Life LCEs.

STEP THREE: Develop a list of LCEs that can and will occur in your life, and prioritize them. Rome was not built in a day, and you will not be able to complete comprehensive plans all at one time for all your possible LCEs (Healthcare, Financial, Legal, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Vocation & End-of-Life).

STEP FOUR: Be introspective about your top priority LCEs, and decide what you want to happen before, during & after these LCEs.

STEP FIVE: Dialogue with your loved ones about your wishes around these LCEs, and define the foundation elements of your LCEs Plan.

STEP SIX: Determine the appropriate forms and documents for these LCEs and then complete them so you ensure your wishes are carried out before, during & after these LCEs.

STEP SEVEN: Agree upon and assign healthcare, financial, and estate proxies that are empowered to act on your behalf based on your wishes before, during & after these LCEs.

STEP EIGHT: Ensure that you have LCEs Plan Files and instruction letters in place and available for your loved ones, caregivers, and authorities so they can carry out your wishes and instructions when these LCEs occur, especially Medical Crisis and End-of-Life LCEs.

STEP NINE: Commit to ongoing LCEs Plan planning checkpoints and continuous improvement to ensure that your wishes and instructions meet your needs, and are current based upon your family situations and state and local requirements.

STEP TEN: Establish a Personal Support Circle, those people involved in your life that you can turn to before, during & after LCEs that will support you, encourage you, listen to you, and give you feedback.

STEP ELEVEN: Discover the great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and healing power of knowing that you are preparing and maintaining a wonderful gift for your loved ones who will be with you before, during & after your LCEs!

STEP TWELVE: Live life to its fullest, knowing that you have an LCEs Plan in place to ensure your desires and wishes are followed before, during & after LCEs.

CLICK HERE to learn more about End-of-Life planning and this due diligence and/or an introduction to a great End-of-Life Planning methodology and process.

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