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Is Your Home Wasting Energy?


Is Your Home Wasting Energy?

There are telltale signs that a home is wasting energy that every homeowner should be aware.

  1. Drafts … if you feel drafts in rooms when doors and windows are closed, it can indicate a leak that can adversely affect heating or air-conditioning.

  2. Moisture on windows … condensation occurs when warm moist air meets cooler dry air like when a bathroom mirror steams up after a shower. The inside or outside of window can sweat due to temperature differentials.

  3. Ice dams form at the edge of a room and prevent melting snow from running off the roof. The water that backs up can leak into the home causing damage.

  4. Higher than normal utility bills indicate that more energy is being required to keep the property at a desired temperature.

  5. Excessive dust in a home can be the result of dirty HVAC filters or from air duct leaks that could be sucking in dust from the attic.

  6. Mold thrives in warm, moist conditions which could exist because of leaking roof, walls, windows or poor ventilation.

  7. Sinus problems affecting residents can be the result of conditions mentioned above like dust and mold.

Recognizing these conditions exist and resolving them can bring a homeowner more comfort and a safer, healthier home. The cost of repairs may be able to be recaptured through utility savings. Preserving energy provides a cleaner environment by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

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