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Hiring Movers? Make Sure To Ask These Questions!

If you recently purchased a home, the thought of moving all your belongings from your current home to your new home can feel overwhelming—but that is where movers come in.

Movers can make the process of getting your things from point A to point B significantly easier and less stressful—but only if you hire the right moving company. And the way to ensure you hire the right moving company? Ask the right questions.

An article from outlined the crucial questions you should ask before hiring movers to manage your next move, including:

  • Is there anything you won’t move? Some moving companies have policies around items they won’t move (for example, plants or high-ticket items that would cost too much to replace if damaged). Before you hire movers, it is important to get clear on those policies—and make sure that they are willing and able to move all of your belongings.

  • Do you disassemble and reassemble furniture? Some movers include furniture disassembly and reassembly in their service offerings, while others don’t—so, if you have furniture you want disassembled and/or reassembled, it is important to ask whether that’ is a service the moving company offers.

  • How much will it cost—and are there any extra fees I need to know about? You want to have a clear idea of the total cost of the move before you hire the movers—so make sure to not only get an estimate, but to also ask about any extra or hidden fees before making a decision and hiring movers.

Hiring Movers? Make Sure To Ask These Questions!

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