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Hardwood Flooring Trends You Will See In 2021!

Hardwood Flooring Trends You Will See In 2021!

When it comes to renovating your home, there are few renovations that have as much of an impact as hardwood floors.

But if you want your hardwood floors to feel stylish and on-trend in 2021, what kind of flooring should you install—or, if you are renovating existing flooring, what kind of updates should you be considering?

A recent article from outlined 2021’s biggest trends in hardwood flooring, including:

  • Natural colors and stains. 2020 was a challenging, hectic year (to say the least!). In 2021, homeowners are looking for homes to inspire feelings of relaxation and tranquility—which, for hardwood floors, translates to natural colors and stains.

  • Rift-cut floors. Thanks to its unique-yet-functional style, rift-cut floors are poised to be everywhere in 2021. With rift-cut floors, planks are milled in a way that is perpendicular to the wood’s growth rings, creating a floor that’s equal parts clean and uniform and unique and eye-catching.

  • Longer boards. Longer hardwood boards create the illusion of a larger space—and because people are spending so much time at home, this visual trick is going to be a go-to for floor renovations in 2021.

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