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Going for a Minimalist Look with Your Home Decor? Avoid These Minimalist Fails!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Going for a Minimalist Look with Your Home Decor? Avoid These Minimalist Fails!

Minimalist design can make your home look clean, modern, and uncluttered. But if you are not careful, it is easy to cross the line into too minimalist—which can leave you with a home that feels cold and uninviting.

So, the question is, how minimalist is too minimalist?

A recent article from outlined the mistakes to avoid when incorporating minimalist design into your home, including:

  • An empty kitchen. It is fine to keep your kitchen design streamlined and uncluttered. But if the space is completely bare of any day-to-day kitchen items (like dish towels or appliances, like a coffee machine), it can feel cold and impersonal.

  • Bare shelves. There is no need to fill every inch of shelf space with decor, photos, or other personal items. But if your shelves each feature one small decor item and inches (or feet!) of open space? Chances are, your space will feel more like an art gallery than a real, lived in home.

  • Too much white. All white design (think white walls, white furniture, and white decor) is a minimalist design go-to that looks great in photos. But because it is impossible to keep an all white room clean for any length of time, white walls, furniture, and design accents generally aren’t a practical choice for most homes.

The Takeaway:

Bottom line? Minimalist design can be a great choice for your home. Just make sure to avoid these minimalist fails—and don’t go too far with the minimalist theme.

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