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Designer Picks for 2021’s Biggest Kitchen Design Trends!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Designer Picks for 2021’s Biggest Kitchen Design Trends!

Whether you are planning on buying a new home or redesigning your current home, when it comes to the kitchen, you want the space to feel fresh, new, and on-trend.

But what, exactly, does that look like in 2021?

In a recent article, asked interior designers for their insights on 2021’s hottest kitchen design trends, including:

  • Extra-large islands. 2020 saw homeowners using their kitchens as not only a place to eat and prep food, but a place to socialize with their family, work, and enjoy leisure time—and, as such, the demand for larger kitchen islands is on the rise.

  • Handleless cabinets. While hardware can add a look and feel to cabinetry design, so can a lack of hardware—and the sleek, futuristic look of handleless drawers and cabinets is set to be a big trend for 2021.

  • Dark colors. All-white kitchens were a major trend for years—but in 2021, expect homeowners to opt out of all white for the more organic look of darker, deeper hues (like charcoal gray, deep blue, and dark green).

Bottom Line

Thinking about buying or selling or a little DYI? Now may just be the right time...

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