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Dealing with Summer Heat?

Dealing with Summer Heat? How to Keep Your Home Cool without Using a Tonof Energy

Manypeople look forward to the long, relaxed, sunny days of summer, but they alsodread opening their energy bills throughout the summer months. Cooling a home can be costly, and many aresearching for convenient ways to lower cooling costs without sacrificing oncomfort inside the home on the warmest days of the year. These are just a few of the cost-effectiveand convenient options that can help homeowners to reduce cooling coststhroughout the summer.

Keep theBlinds Closed

Asignificant amount of heat can enter a home through the windows, and blinds andcurtains provide an extra layer of insulation between the window glass and theinterior of the home. Some types ofblinds and curtains are more effective at blocking heat than others, andhomeowners may consider making an upgrade for the best results. For example, wood blinds can blocksignificantly more heat than thin, almost translucent sheers.

Run theCeiling Fans

Anotherway to keep cooling costs lower throughout the summer months is to run ceilingfans regularly. Ceiling fans help tocirculate the air, and this helps the central cooling system function moreefficiently. In addition, ceiling fansalso can make those who are in the room feel cooler, and this may mean thathomeowners can keep the home’s thermostat set at a slightly higher level thanit otherwise would need to be set at for comfort indoors.

UseHeat-Generating Features at Night

There arenumerous appliances and types of equipment that are used indoors throughout thesummer that can generate a considerable amount of heat, and running these atnight can reduce the need to run the central cooling system as much during warmdays. Consider that everything fromrunning the washing machine and dryer to using the dishwasher and oven or rangecan emit heat in the home, and these serve to counteract the work that thecooling system is doing. When possible,limit the use of these features to cooler nighttime hours.

Keepingthe home cool throughout the summer is a top priority for most, and the goodnews is that there are easy ways to reduce the cost associated with keeping ahome cool. These ideas all can bebeneficial in a homeowner’s quest to reduce energy costs during the summer.

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