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Castle Hills & Lewisville Police Department Services

Castle Hills - LPD

Castle Hills & Lewisville Police Department Services

The Denton County Fresh Water District and the City of Lewisville have reached an agreement on to expand police services in Castle Hills starting in February. This agreement is another precursor to annexation that could come as early as 2012. Here’s what that means for Castle Hills residents.

The City of Lewisville will begin expanded services to the community with 16 hours of neighborhood patrol per day. Patrol hours will be scheduled to coincide with the periods during which calls for service are at their highest.

The contract gives the general manager of the district the opportunity to request expanded services, including additional patrol, directed traffic enforcement, and burglary and theft surveillance.

The Lewisville Police Chief, Kevin Deaver, has also been given authority to provide additional patrol hours and other special services at his discretion, and at no additional cost. Those services could include the traffic unit, gang and narcotics units, and Neighborhood Resource Officers.

Police officers assigned to Castle Hills patrols will be dedicated exclusively to Castle Hills during those shifts and will not be dispatched to calls outside Castle Hills unless there is an exceptional situation that requires immediate response from multiple districts.

“Having patrol officers in Castle Hills neighborhoods means a quicker response time when a call for service is received.” Deaver said. “We still will dispatch a second officer as backup for alarms and similar calls, as we do now, but the first officer will arrive at a scene a lot faster.”

“In addition to providing a higher level of service, this will give us a chance to start building relationships with Castle Hills residents before they become Lewisville residents in a couple of years,” Deaver said. “Our department prides itself in providing a high level of customer service. Our officers need to become familiar with Castle Hills, and hopefully Castle Hills residents will become familiar with us.”

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