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9 Ways To Get Over the Jealousy When Someone Else Buys Your Dream Home!

Whether it is a hot Sellers’ Market or not, you are probably not the only one to find your dream home when it hits the market. If you like it and see the value, someone else most likely does too.

No matter how fast you are, or how great your offer is, there is always a chance another Buyer (or more) is going to make an offer. Great for the Seller and Buyer they choose. Not so great for you if you are not that Buyer…

So, just in case, how are you supposed to deal with the disappointment and jealousy of knowing that someone else is occupying your dream home, enjoying its quirks and delights, while you sit and stew?

Here are some tips that will help you on your way to recovery:

1. Remember that the new owners won’t decorate it the way you want to They will probably wallpaper the living room and totally ruin it... 2. Appreciate the fact that it gives you more time to save money for the home you do buy Every cloud has a silver lining, and the thousands of dollars you will be able to save in the meantime can go a long way. 3. Vent to a trusted friend who you know will bad-mouth the house. There is always the one friend who will know exactly what to do: convince you that it was overpriced, ugly, and not the right house for you. 4. Make a voodoo doll. It probably won’t work, but it might…make you feel better. 5. Steal their look. Decorate your house to make it look like the dream home. 6. Photoshop a bunch of blemishes onto a picture of the home. Add a dumpster to the front lawn, a nuclear power plant in the backyard, and a giant tarantula on the roof. 7. Look at a photo of the house for hours every single day until you get tired of seeing it There is no faster way to get over something than to overdo it. That goes for your favorite movie, favorite meal, and even your favorite house. 8. Befriend the Buyer who beat you out. Things are never as good in reality as they are on the outside looking in. Get to know the new owners and you may realize their lives aren’t all that great, even with their new home. 9. Be grateful for having a home that puts a roof over your head. At the end of the day, gratitude can always make us feel better, so forget about the one you didn’t get, and learn to love the one you have. And if you are ready to find your dream home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A great agent can help you win the bid, but also find a great alternative in case you don’t.

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